Don't Just Eat,
Eat Well

Save time, money & 
pack weight while your maximizing nutrition!

Don't Just Eat,
Eat Well

Save time, money, & pack weight while maximizing 
your nutrition!

Aaron Owens Mayhew. Registered Dietitian and Long Distance Backpacker.
Hi, I'm Aaron
with my sidekick, Ella.
I help backpackers (like you!) make homemade ultralight recipes and meal plan with ease so you can spend less time, money and effort preparing for your adventures.
As a registered dietitian and ultralight long-distance backpacker, I created Backcountry Foodie™ while preparing homemade, lightweight meals for my thru-hike attempt of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2017. Our recipes and meal planning services are a result of hiking 1000s of miles and field testing hundreds of recipes to ensure they meet hikers' high energy needs. 
To learn more about my journey and see my passion in action, ​Click Here! 
Wish You Could Eat Healthier On Trail?


Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Pasta backpacking recipe ready to eat on trail
Quick & Easy
Combine simple ingredients & prepare freezer-bag style recipes in less than 5 min.
Cherry Macadamia Bites ultralight backpacking recipe. Delicious high energy trail snack.
Make Every Gram Count
Maximize your calories & nutrition while minimizing pack weight & volume.
Yogurt Parfait ultralight backpacking recipe.
Less than $3 per Serving
Huge savings versus commercial freeze-dried meals that you likely don't enjoy.

No dehydrator needed unless you choose to dry your own ingredients.

Introducing Our Ultralight Recipes Dashboard


Don't Knock It Till Ya Try It Trail Mix hiking recipe ready to eat on trail
Member Dashboard
✓ Recipes at hand via any device
Cookbooks are great but our dashboard keeps recipes at your fingertips, whether you're at home, the grocery store, or resupplying in town.
Don't Knock It Till Ya Try It Trail Mix hiking recipe ready to eat on trail
Ultralight Recipes
✓ Complete nutrition information
Simple recipes with calories per ounce, protein, carbs, fiber, sugar, fat, dry weight, quick-reference icons, prep time, and directions for home & trail!
Backpacking meal planning webinar cover
Organized & Cross Referenced
✓ Sorted by calories per ounce
Recipes sorted by meal type, cooking style, & dietary needs. Cold soak, gluten free, low sugar? You're covered! Recipes are cross referenced by common ingredients.

You haven't seen recipes like these before!

Click here for a complete list of our 75 ultralight recipes.
Recipes Featured In...
Recipes You Can Look Forward To...
Overwhelmed by meal planning for your adventures?


Trustworthy Information That's Easily Digestible

Don't Knock It Till Ya Try It Trail Mix hiking recipe ready to eat on trail
Ultralight Meal Plans
3000, 4000, & 5000 calorie ultralight meal plans with substitution lists for recipes and a long list of commercial bars/snacks. Available via PDF or make your own via our Google Sheets.
Don't Knock It Till Ya Try It Trail Mix hiking recipe ready to eat on trail
Meal Planning Resources
All the information & tools needed to meal plan with ease. Monthly webinars provide straight-forward meal planning and nutrition info. Worksheets, tip sheets, and a vast FAQ resource.
Backpacking meal planning webinar cover
Group Video Web Calls
Join us each month and bring your questions! Aaron holds two 60-min group calls each month to answer your questions & share her expertise as a registered dietitian & thru-hiker.

these are only a few of the awesome features included with the service

What Does All This Mean For You?

  • You do NOT have to carry 2 pounds of food per day!
  • ​You CAN eat delicious, healthy food on trail.
  • ​You CAN prepare meals in half the time that require half the water.
  • ​You WILL have enough room in your bear can.
  • ​You WILL look forward to the delicious meals, drinks, snacks, & desserts you packed!
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Save on our Ultralight Recipes Dashboard or Ultralight Recipes + Meal Planning Service and get weekly meal planning tips!

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Hear From a Few of Our 1k+ Members
Kimberly Lawson
Amplify Your Launch
"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Non eaque incidunt, quam voluptatem distinctio, dolor aliquam quasi nihil accusamus officiis, ratione necessitatibus vero officia iure iste similique."
Jasmine Rose
Unleash Your Creative Spirit 
 Nancy E | Smokies 900-Miler
"Your recipes are absolutely delicious and so quick and easy to prep. There is undoubtedly a pep in my step on the trail, thanks to your knowledge and expertise!"
 Marvin K | Colorado Trail
"I eat a very healthy diet ‘in real life’ including being vegetarian, gluten free, and dairy light. So, just buying regular backpacking meals from REI was not really an option for my Colorado Trail hike. I contacted Aaron and she put together a fantastic hike menu for me that achieved my goals of low weight, high nutrition, and avoidance of meat, gluten, and dairy. Aaron’s services are high quality, very personal, and extremely reasonable cost. If you want to eat well in the backcountry, call Aaron."
Kim M | Prepping for PCT
"Even though my 2020 PCT hike is delayed, I greatly enjoyed preparing Aaron's recipes as they all sound really yummy and are so easy to put together. All of the ones I've sampled have been very tasty and I know they will help keep me going on trail in 2021! Plus the labels you can print make prepping meals for trail so easy. I have also really appreciated her personal response whenever I have a question."
Jason E | Tahoe Rim Trail
"These ultralight recipes are not only easy to make but are very nutritious! They save a ton of weight compared to traditional backpacking meals. I would recommend this to anyone seriously considering reducing their pack weight & taking their nutrition seriously on trail."
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Recipes You Can Look Forward To...
Don't Just Eat, Eat Well
Ultralight Recipes
75 lightweight, delicious recipes to maximize your nutrition. 
       Large Variety of 75 Recipes
       Categorized & Cross Referenced
       Complete Nutrition Information
       Recipe Label Templates
All for only $25
✓ Single Payment
✓ Lifetime Access
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Recipes & Meal Planning
175 recipes plus all the tools & information to meal plan with ease!
       Everything in Ultralight Recipes
       100 Exclusive Recipes (2 per week)
       36 Meal Plans (3 per month)
       12 Webinars (1 per month)
       12 Meal Planning Worksheets
       Meal Planning FAQs
       2 Monthly Group Web Calls
All for only $59
✓ Single Payment
✓ Lifetime Access
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Custom Meal Planning
No matter how large your goal, 
I'll help you finish strong.
         PCT thru-hiking?
       CDT bikepacking?
       Climbing denali?
       Rowing the Atlantic?
        Special dietary needs?
       Want to eat well but no time to plan?
 Customized Pricing
Let's work together 
to meet your personal goals.  
Schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consult 
Thank you for helping us support the Pacific Crest Trail Association
1% of your purchase price will benefit the PCTA
Thank you for helping us support the Pacific Crest Trail Association
1% of your purchase price will benefit the PCTA

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


  • If you don't love our recipes or meal planning services, no worries.
  • ​Simply email us at, call or text 425-864-1647 and receive a full refund. No questions asked.
  • ​You're covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee.
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Frequently Asked Questions...
Do I need a dehydrator?
No! Unless you choose to dehydrate your own fruit, vegetables and pasta at home.
Are vegan & gluten free recipes available?
Yep! We have a variety of vegan friendly, gluten free, & nut free recipes to choose from.
How much do the recipes weigh?
Recipe dry weight ranges from 1.5 oz (42 g) to 6 oz (168 g). Dry weigh of the meal is listed on each recipe. Click here to see an example.
Will I have to buy freeze-dried ingredients?
Nope! Some of our recipes include freeze-dried ingredients but most use ingredients commonly found at grocery stores such as noodles, parmesan cheese and nuts.
Do recipes include nutrition information?
Yes! Protein, carbohydrate, fiber, total sugars and fat content are listed on each recipe. Click here to see an example.
Are cold soak recipes available?
Oh, yeah! We have a large variety of cold soak and no-cook recipes. Leave that stove at home!
Are metric measurements included?
Absolutely! Both imperial and metric measurements are provided.
Will the recipes fit inside a bear can?
You betcha! Many of our recipes are 1/3 the size of commercially prepared freeze dried meals while providing similar calories.
Sounds awesome, right?!?
For questions regarding our services, please email us at or call/text 425-864-1647
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